Cut your power bills

By switching to solar one can Off-Set their power consumption form utility and can save on their electricity billls to a great extent

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Top Quality Service

Quality of Serivice is being our top most priority we are committed to offer lifetime service support to our customers

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Monitor your system from where ever you are

With our advanced remote monitoring feature customers can monitore the performance of their system from any part of the world

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Go green

As Solar energy is a clean source of energy, by adopting solar it's every one's opportunity to contribute towards a sustainable future

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why solar circuit ?

At SolarCircuit we make it easy for our customers to go solar. Having partnership with top technology leaders in the world and by leaveraging our expertise in design and execution we deliver world class solutions to our customers.

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Get a free Solar Consultation

Our Expert Solar Consultants will help you to get the best solar solution to meet all your requirements
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