Solar Panels -- Solar Panels Which are made of Photovoltaic Solar Cells, installed in shade free space on rooftop. These solar panels convert sunlight into Direct current (DC) Electricity throughout the day.

Utility Grid -- Utility Grid is the normal power lines to which our building is connected. Even with the solar system, still our building is connected to the grid to supply power to the appliances during night time as solar energy is not available during night time.

Inverter -- Inverters is an electronic device which converts Direct Current (DC) eletrical energy into Alternating Current (AC) electrical energy. In Grid - Tie configuration inverters directly injects the converted electrical power into the electrical lines to which all appliances in the building are connected. All the generated power will be consumed by connected appliaces. In case of any excess required power will be drawn from utility grid lines.

Electrical Panel -- All the appliances in the building are connected to the Inverter through an electrical panel often reffered as breaker panel. This panel consists of all required saftery equipments MCB's, Fuses & Circuit Breakers.

Energy Meter -- Energy meter measures your energy consumption for billing purpose. In case of excess solar power generation than that of required by connected appliances, the excess solar power will be exported back to the grid lines and during exporting this energy meter records this exported energy. At the end of month, while billing this exported energy will be subtracted from used energy and bill will be generated for only net consumed energy.