One roof at a time for a better world

The biggest challenges presently the world facing are pollution, global warming and energy security.

At SolarCircuit we believe that solar energy is answer to all these challenges for achieving a much better and healther planet with cleaner air and water every where.

With a committment towards a better world we reinvented the way the energy is delivered by offering first class yet cheaper Solar energy solutions.

Top Quality Service

No less than Perfection

At SolarCircuit quaility of service being our top priority, we always stive towards perfection in every single project.

Our well traied and experienced team, by always following standard installation practices, ensures top quality solar installation so that our customers can enjoy hassle less solar experience over more than 20 years of life time of solar sysem.

Our dedicated service team is always ready to assist in any service requirements and we are firmly committed to offer life time service support to our customers.

Monitor your system Performance Online

With advanced online monitoring feature customer can monitor their system from any part of the world from phone, tablet or PC.

Our advanced online monitoring feature enables customer to access real time data and historical data of the generation of the system.

Performance Guaranteed

We guarantee for minimum average generation of solar power per month. Upon any deviation from guaranteed generation, we will payback for the shortfall.