Start Saving Instantly

Pay Less For The Same Power

With SolarCircuit Solar Solutions Start saving on your Power Bill Instantly.

If your power consumption is more than 500 units you are paying around 8 to 10 rupees per unit to utility depending on your category. Where as the average cost of electricity generated from solar power is around 7 rupees/unit. with every unit we off set from utility grid with solar power we can save upto 20 to 30 % of cost on each unit.

The advantage of solar technology is it can be designed from including small scale systems for residential purpose to any size for all commercial and industrial purpose.

control your energy charges

Is power tarff rising? But not to me!

SolarCircuit Offers power to customers to choose where their energy comes from

In india the power tariffs have rised on an average of 4 to 5% every year. And are expected to continue the same trend in the coming years. One can become less dependent on utility power by going solar and can make their power bills less affected from rising power tariffs. Considering the present higher power tariffs and expected escalation of the tariffs in the coming years one can get their investment on solar back in around 5 years and can enjoy the benefits of solar for next 20 years for free.

Get Uninterrupted Power Supply

Enjoy the Power Round the Clock, Never Go Dark.

In a country of 1.2 billion people, where an estimate of 404 million have no access to electricity, and a major population sufferers chronic power cuts.

with Country facing huge shortage of coal and natural gas, no city in india is free from these regular power cuts.

We believe only solar energy can provide a long term solution for the rising crisis of power shortage in our country. Our customized solar solutions can help you live an uninterrupted life round the clock and our solution can run all range of appliances including airconditoner

Solar is clean and affordable

Going Green is Fun!

Solar Energy is derived from clean, pure sun light which is also abundant and ever lasting. with SolarCircuit solar energy solutions one can easily switch to green; inturn can reduce their carbon footprint in the environment and can help combat green house gas emissions and global warming without any need for changing our lifestyle

Our job is to make it easier for you to go green..

Environmental Impact

The environmenal impact of installing of 1 KW solar system over its lifetime of 25 years is equivalent to

Preventing the emmission of 22.4 Metric tons of CO2 (A greenhouse gas)

Avoiding driving of 47283 miles of a passenger vehicle

Avoiding burning 21331 pounds of coal

Planting of 509 trees