Indglobe "Solar Circuit" Energy Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2014 by a young passionate team having comprehensive industrial knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of solar systems. Our services include design and execution of small scale kW size rooftop systems to MW scale Power plants.

We believe that solar energy will be the game changer of energy scenario in India. Considering the steadily increasing electricity tariffs and daunting environmental effects of conventional fossil fuels, one can confidently postulate that solar revolution is inevitable.

Indian Rooftop segment in its current state is swelling with sub quality equipment and unprofessional services, thus failing to gain the much needed customer faith.

With the aim of reconstructing faith in solar systems our main focus in on the quality of our services. With quality being our topmost priority, we constantly strive to improve our service.

Having tied-up with the best technology providers and backed by a stream lined management process we offer solar systems at very economical prices without compromising on quality.

We've revolutionized the way solar energy is delivered by giving our customers a cleaner and affordable alternative to their monthly electricity bill.