Why SolarCircuit is Top Solar Company in Hyderabad?

At SolarCircuit we follow holistic approach to offer best in industry and comprehensive solar service to our customers right from designing, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and till handing over of the project with all clear permits from all concerned departments. This clear approach towards our passion for offering unparalleled comprehensive service to our customers makes us stand out apart from other companies and helped us became SolarCircuit a top solar company in Hyderabad.

5 Resons Why SolarCircuit is Top Solar Company in Hyderabad:

1. Customized Solar Solutions:
We believe every customer requirement is unique and we offer tailor made customized solar energy solutions to our customers to perfectly fit their needs and requirement. After understanding the customer’s energy consumption pattern and study of house roof dimensions and orientations, we design a customized solar project solution to fit customer’s requirement and offer detailed drawings and techno commercial details.

2. Top Quality Materials and Professional service
SolarCircuit having strong partnerships with leading global solar manufacturers, always procures best in class and top quality components for all our projects. The typical lifetime of a well designed and built solar power plant is being 25 years and beyond, while selecting each and every small component, we follow holistic approach and never – compromise policy so that each component integrates well into the plant and enables us to hand over a durable and bankable solar power plants with least down times to our customers. Our well trained and determined team ensures that all our customers will have a seamless and pleasant experience of going solar from starting to till handing over of the project.

3. Assured After Sales Support
Assured and quality service being our top priority, we always strive towards offering unparalleled after sales support to our customers. We are firmly committed to offer lifetime service support to all our customers throughout the the plant’s lifetime. Our experienced, dedicated and locally available service team is always ready to assist our customers in any service requirements, which makes us a trusted choice for all customers for their solar requirements and positions us as top solar company in Hyderabad.

4. Affordable Price
At SolarCircuit, Our technical and purchase teams with immense market knowledge and strong relationship with leading solar manufacturers, always try to optimize our designs with most innovative & cost benefit products and continuously works with our vendors to control and optimize our input costs and which in turn helps us to offer most affordable solar solutions to our customers.

5. Best in Industry Warranty
SolarCircuit offers best in industry warranties on all our solar solutions to our customers. We offer 5 years comprehensive warranty on entire solar power plant along with 10 years material and workmanship warranty for solar panels and 25 years performance warranty for solar panels.

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